About the Theme

Mix and Match for Drupal 7 is a subtheme of the AdaptiveTheme base theme, and was designed for Drupal site builders who want to start with something more styled than a base theme, but less restrictive than many of the custom themes. This theme provides many different color options and a lot of layout and style flexibility. Important Note: This site is a demo for the 7.x-2.x version of Mix and Match only. Older versions used the Fusion base theme, and are no longer under active development

On the main theme configuration page users can set colors for basic elements of their site (background, navigation, footer, headers, links). AdaptiveTheme also provides a number of options for customizing layout, responsive design setup, font styles and much, much more. If the Skinr module is also enabled, users can also customize the appearance of individual blocks or panels.

The color options have been expanded for this new version of the theme. There are now a range of bright and more muted colors to choose from, many of which are designed to work well together. So try different combinations and have fun!